Amped Wireless Announces The ATHENA-EX AC2600 Wi-Fi Range Extender


Amped Wireless today announced a new high power and long range wireless extender for your home or office called the ATHENA-EX. It is a very high power wireless (Wi-Fi) extender that works at both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

The Amped Wireless ATHENA-EX can deliver wireless signal up to 15,000 sq ft and allows multiple users to use the Internet, stream or download without any limitation.

According to reviews from users, it is the most powerful wireless range extender. Powered by a dual-core processor and a lot of memory, this Wi-Fi range extender will help to boost the Wi-Fi signal in your home or office with its four high gain antennas and 16 high power amplifiers. With this specification, it can provide to you the speed up to 2.53Gbps.

This Wi-Fi extender will help you to manage only one SSID instead of use many wifi names for many levels or rooms. It’s also the first wifi extender that comes built-in with the Multi-User MIMO technology. With this technology, it will help users to gain a higher transfer speed over the wireless signal.

If you are interested in the Amped Wireless ATHENA-EX, it is now available for pre-order for about $220. The wireless extender will start to ship to customers on April 12th.

New Samsung Support App Helps You Get Better Live Support

Samsung has recently updated the Samsung+ app, a live support that allows supporter can diagnostic your smartphone in real-time and give you the best solution to resolve the problem.

With this, you can easy to learn how to use your smartphone as well as receive a better live support when you get any issue on your device. Samsung allows you to check your machine, run diagnostic tests, match it with some commonly asked questions as well as connect to a supporter to call for a live assistant.

Samsung Live Help - Assistant

This version of Samsung+ is superior, and the supporters have the ability to connect remotely to your smartphone and help you to resolve the problem. You might think that maybe someone will exploit this new feature and access to your computer without permission. However, Samsung+ only allows a user to connect to your device with your permission, and you need to grant that access.

Moreover, with this new version of Samsung+ app, you can limit the section that you want supporter stay on. For example, if you got an issue with the wireless network, just limit them to access that part. They won’t be able to access to other sections without your permission.

Simple Way To Fix Dpc Watchdog Violation Error In Windows 7

If you got a blue screen error on your Windows computer, it’s very annoying and you can’t do anything with your computer. If you want to use it again, the blue screen error must be fixed.

Yesterday, when I turn on my computer, it didn’t open and stay in a loop, with a blue screen and the error code: dpc_watchdog_violation. At that moment, I didn’t know how to do with the computer to make it works again.

I made a call to a few friends of mine and ask them about this blue screen error. One of them was suggested me to install a new copy of Windows. But that’s the last option I should take because there were so many important files on my computer.

I did a few searches on both Google and Bing to find solutions to fix the dpc watchdog violation error, and finally I found a good one. If you are also facing this blue screen error and want to fix it, I would suggest you to insert the installation disc into your DVD reader, boot your Windows computer into the repair mode and let it repair all broken system files. Some of Windows system files are corrupted and lead to this blue screen of death error.

You can also follow the article for more solutions to solve the problem in case the solution that I have provide can’t help you. There are a few other options on the article will help you do better.

How To Fix User Profile Service Failed Error In Windows

Windows is one of the most popular operating system for computer nowadays. And it was installed on many devices, from desktop to laptop as well as mobile devices. There are so many great features that Windows brought to us, and help us to make things easier.

In Windows OS, there are a few errors still remain and you should know ways to solve it when it happens. If something happens on your Windows computer, you can use “Troubleshooting” function to figure out the problem that occurs on your computer, and use right solutions to solve it.

For example, sometimes, you are unable to log in to your computer, and it says: “The user profile service failed the logon”. This error happens because the user profile you want to access cannot be loaded. It means all files that belong to this user was corrupted and unable to access.

In order to fix this error and able to log in to your Windows computer again, you have to boot your Windows computer through “Safe Mode”, and then repair the system, create a new user or restore back to the working point, where your computer still fine.

As you know, due to many reasons that makes the user profile failed to load. One of them is affected by viruses. You should use latest antivirus softwares to scan and protect your computer in real-time, to avoid future errors like this.

Moreover, you can also solve this problem by accessing to Safe Mode in Windows and repair the registry, if it is the cause that lead to the “user profile cannot be loaded” error.

If you have any question about this error on your Windows computer, feel free to contact us and I will help you to figure out the problem.